What are Angel Parties?

Angel Parties
What could be more fun, interesting, and profound than Angel Parties? Hmmmm … nothing!

But wait!

Do you have an image of a group of Angels partying on a cloud or flying around to celestial music? Well, sort of ~ but not quite.

When you are part of an Angel Party, you and your friends receive personalized Angel Readings ~ messages from Angels and connections with loved ones who have passed on. These messages are always given in a spirit of Love and Joy.


Here’s how Angel Parties work

You and your friends each write out a question or concern on a slip of paper (these may remain anonymous). The papers are collected and then Jan pulls one question at a time and offer insights and messages to the group as a mini reading. She may choose an oracle/angel card or two to fine tune what your Angels have to say. It is rare that a question applies to only one person! Most often, the Angels offer guidance and insights that multiple people in the group find useful.

When a loved one shows up, those messages are also delivered. We’re sort of like a relay tag team: you ask the questions, I ask the Angels and relay the answers back to you. Angel parties are not only fun events but filled with valuable information and guidance from your Angels and ours!

When you host an Angel Party, you receive a private Angel reading with Jan!

Go HERE to join an Online Angel Party, and HERE to reserve your Home Angel Party.

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Our joyful logo Angel is called Evangeline. She was created by Vikki Collumbine, owner of Sew Useful Designs