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Evangeline by Vikki Collumbine

At age 4-1/2, I began communicating with people who had passed over, and have been doing so ever since. It was obvious even then that others were uncomfortable with it, so I kept it “under wraps,” especially from my mom and other adults in my life.

In my work as a massage therapist and energy healer, the room was always crowded with Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, and other beings who wanted to offer positive energy to the person with whom I was working. These “others” always gave me insights into my healing work.

When some visiting Archangels informed me it was time for me to be doing Angel Readings, I jerked on my chair and yelled “No way!” I argued and even whined, none of which worked to dissuade them. Finally I said, “Okay, but on one condition.” I wanted to be sure the information coming through was “real” and not just a bunch of garbage or my imagination working overtime, so I wanted reassurance and insisted on first testing the readings. A great group of people volunteered to have readings in exchange for honest feedback. The consensus was: “This is real – don’t stop.” Sometimes my skepticism still surfaces but I have accepted that this exciting and fun opportunity really is part of why I’m here. How great to have the chance to do what I love!

Archangel Gabriel is my “main guy” ~ the main source who offers guidance and messages. The spirits of Loved Ones who have passed over also present themselves in order to deliver messages, bring encouragement and reassurance, and to let you know they are doing well. One question I always ask them, in addition to your question is, “What do you want [you] to know?” and then pass the responses along to you. Be assured that all messages are given in the Highest Good of all concerned.

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